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What you can do.

Volunteer, donate, get social or sign the petition. We are looking for all the help we can get. So please, assist us in protecting this magical stretch of coastline that thousands of plants, animals and people call home.


Your donation allows us to support community initiatives that actively work towards protecting South Africa's beautiful West Coast from reckless mining activities that are sure to destroy the natural ecosystems


Some things you can offer to do include hosting a community conversation, collecting signatures, raise funds, start a local group. Please click on the button below and fill in our quick volunteer form and we will contact you! 

Get Social

Tell your friends and family about what's at stake. Share this website, follow us and our partners on social media, join our Facebook Group and help share the message far and wide

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Sign the Petition

Please sign and share our petition to the Minister of DEFF, Barbara Creecy. She is the decision maker and the one who can delay processes and stop these reckless mining activities.

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