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Mining Companies have a plan for the West Coast of South Africa that will destroy hundreds of kilometres of pristine coastal environments, disrupting local communities, fisheries, tourism and the rugged natural beauty of this globally recognised biodiversity hotspot.


Stand with us to Protect the West Coast!


Endemic Plant and Animal Species


Kilometers of Coastline


Extreme Mining Threats


Earth for Us to Protect

The risks

Despite the creation of short term jobs, mining adversely affects ecosystems and has a detrimental knock-on effect to the broader West Coast environment, economy and society.

Image by Ryan Stone

What is at stake?

From the Orange River to Cape Columbine, hundreds of kilometres of the South Africa’s West Coast coastline are being mined, or have been earmarked for mining. These industrial-scale extractions have lasting consequences for local communities, fisheries and the natural environment, for generations to come.



Volunteer, donate, get social or sign the petition. We are looking for all the help we can get. So please, assist us in protecting this magical stretch of coastline that thousands of plants, animals and people call home.

The fight so far

View where we are at with our efforts to stop the reckless mining activities that will destroy the pristine coastline that is the West Coast of South Africa.

Our vision

Our plan of action is to show and tell the world what is happening along this pristine coastline. The reality is that this area is under siege by a strew of multinational mining companies that seem to have the unequivocal backing of the South African Government.



Tormin sands.PNG

Extension of Tormin Mine

West Coast

Mineral Sand Resources (Pty) Ltd (MSR) is an Australian Mining company that owns and operates the Tormin Mineral Sands Mine on the West Coast of South Africa, about 19km north of the Olifants River Estuary and 25km west of the town of Lutzville.


Belton Park Trading

Elandsbaai to Strandfontein

On 4 October 2019 Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd (BPT127) lodged an application for a Prospecting Right with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to undertake offshore prospecting activities 1km seaward off the coast between Elands Bay and Strandfontein 

De beers.PNG

De Beers

Northern Namaqualand

On 14 June 2018 De Beers Consolidated Mines (Pty) Ltd (De Beers) lodged an application for a Prospecting Right with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to undertake offshore diamond prospecting activities between Kleinsee and Hondeklip Bay.

Olifnats north bank .jpeg

Mineral Sand Resources

Olifants Estuary

Environmental authorisation has been granted in respect of a prospecting right application for heavy minerals on the remaining extent of farm the point 267 and Lot 615 Olifants River settlement. These 2 farms are located on the northern banks of the Olifants estuary and extend along the sea and upriver for about 15 km.

Boegoebaai port.PNG

Boegoebaai Port

Northern Namaqualand

The Northern Cape could be in for a massive harbour development to be located at one of South Africa’s few natural deep-water sites at Boegoe Baai on the arid Namaqualand coastline. The mooted development is reported to be worth an initial R40 billion. 

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